All is Calm, All is Bright—The Practical Side

I smirk even as I type this, because the “calm” lyric from this Christmas song rarely plays out in my life during this busy season. Calm is, after all, something we must carve out time to experience. And yet, I often forget this concept and run myself ragged this time of year.

Much like we prioritize time to exercise, sleep well and food prep for healthy meals, we must also take time to prioritize our mental health. When we have experienced prolonged periods of stress or a traumatic event, time and support are essential to our recovery.

Our bodies are hardwired to endure and manage stress; however, prolonged stress sends our nervous systems into overdrive. We may feel anxious or on-edge. We may have trouble sleeping and eating well.  And we may often feel we are in fight or flight mode. Our brains produce too much cortisol and even our pulse rate or blood pressure may spike. 

I have worked with chronic pain patients who have felt stressed for so long their blood pressure is through the roof. And I have had the privilege of serving adolescents who have experienced so much trauma, that what they sense as even the slightest threat sends them into fight or flight mode. I have seen them run. And I have seen them fight over what you or I would consider trivial matters.

I will speak more to this idea in the personal blog on this piece. But for now, please take inventory of your current season and stressors. Do you feel you are running on empty emotionally or physically? Do you have several life stressors, or have you been under great stress for some time? If so, we can help.  Our trained and seasoned mental health therapists can help you learn ways to reduce your feelings of stress and calm your nervous system so that you may experience peace and joy. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment. 


Yolanda Brailey