“Courage, Dear Heart”—The Personal Side

A dear friend gave me the idea for this blog a couple of months ago and I have been thinking hard about it ever since. I think it is because the word “courage” is not often used today. In shows that I watch, books that I read and podcasts and talks I listen to, there is not a lot of talk about courage. Brene Brown has broached the subject some, but I can’t find anyone else that is talking much about it.

While this is, of course, my personal opinion on the subject, here is what I think about the topic of courage today. I do not think people dis-value it. I do not think people do not care about it.  What I do think, is that it is expected. I believe that we do not talk about courage because we just expect people to have it. Period. 

Courage is not talked about, explored or celebrated. While we are getting better at recognizing and celebrating diversity (think Pride Month), we don’t often celebrate the courage behind such things. For example, it is great to celebrate being non-binary, but do we celebrate the courage it takes to tell others we identify as such?

I think courage is expected more than it is celebrated. And I think it is important to stop and acknowledge the times we need courage, as well as the times we use it to do hard things—whatever those things may be.

Whether you are needing a little extra courage, or are feeling fully anxious or afraid, we can help. Our space is warm, inviting and empathic and our mental health therapists are skilled at walking beside you as you learn ways to cultivate courage and also manage anxiety. If you are in need of support, please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862.


Yolanda Brailey