Expectation is Everything—The Practical Side

Every year we transition whether we like it or not. We move from one year to the next every January 1st whether we feel ready or not. Some years we may savor the close of a year, basking in holiday light, pulling those we love close and waxing poetic about all the good that has found us over the past 12 months. Other years we may be anxiously anticipating the new year—more than ready to put the past year in the rearview mirror and drive towards new beginnings, fresh starts and second chances. No matter how you are feeling right now, the new year is upon us and we must all mentally prepare ourselves for the next season that lies ahead.

Change is inevitable so it is always somewhat humorous to me that so many of us go mentally (and sometimes physically) rigid when change is introduced. Sure, some changes we drive and implement and we like those a little better. Changes like saving more money, losing weight, making time for loved ones and seeking balance in life. And, yet, even the changes we desire require transition, newness and often some form of sacrifice. As my friend says, you can’t say yes to something without saying no to something else.

When change comes, as it will, it is important to explore all the feelings you may be experiencing associated with that change. Do you feel afraid, and if so, why? Do you feel hopeful, nervous or surprised? Having a sounding board to explore all of your feelings with is important. And I suggest, having an “expert sounding board” is even better—essential during some life seasons. A licensed and experienced mental health counselor can help you explore your feelings related to life changes and navigate your life path to make change as smooth as possible.

How are you feeling about the new year? Are you looking forward to change? Would you benefit from the support of a psychotherapist to help bring about the changes you long for in life? Or maybe change has been thrust upon you through some stressful life event or unwelcome happening. Have you been diagnosed with a new health problem, lost your job or now find yourself caring for someone you did not plan to—a child or aging parent?

No matter what change lies ahead, an Orlando counselor can support you in your time of transition. She can help you identify and implement the skills you need to be successful during and after whatever you are facing. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to speak with one of our therapists and start the new year off healthy.


Yolanda Brailey