From Surviving to Thriving – The Personal Side

Do you need a laugh? I always do! I read a meme a few months ago that said “2021 is just 2020 with a wig on!” I laughed out loud when I read this and still smile thinking of it. Without talking about any viruses (wink, wink) I think we can all say that we learned a great deal about ourselves during 2020. In the practical blog on this topic this month I talked about the difference between “surviving” and “thriving.” Many of us (myself included) had moments of sheer survival during 2020—and that is okay.  In fact, throughout my lifetime I have had multiple seasons of survival—think new babies, new businesses, moves, etc. The hope is that during and after our seasons of survival we glean valuable wisdom about what we did well and what we did not. And this is what I have done and continue to try to do around stressful seasons.   

As 2021 gets ready to close, it is imperative that we lean into caring for ourselves and focusing on the positive after all we have been through as individuals, a country and the entire world over the past year and a half. I would encourage you to make a very practical list of what calms you.  What brings peace and hope to your mind and emotions. These can be so simple. Here are some examples.  I love starting my day before everyone else wakes up with a steaming cup of coffee and sitting in 15 minutes of total quiet. My aunt (who is retired) stops every day at 4pm and drinks tea (hot or cold depending on the weather) and gazes at her huge and well-manicured yard. My best friend runs and that quiets her mind. Whatever works for you—write it down. And, then, do it! Also, try to think of daily things, weekly things and yearly things.  An example of a yearly thing would be the mountains or the ocean. At least once a year I love to visit them and feel refreshed when I leave.

You hold the power to your joy and peace. You are able to cultivate good moments every single day. I encourage you as this year closes and a new one begins to focus on the positive and implement things in your daily life that bring you mental and emotional rest. And if you need a little help in starting or staying on this journey, that is okay too. We are here to help. Take the first step and contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable mental health counselors. We look forward to helping you learn how to thrive in every season. 


Yolanda Brailey