I Choose Joy—The Practical Side

When is the last time you heard the word, “joy”? It is not a commonly used word. I hear people say, “Why am I not happy?” or, “I don’t know what to do to feel happy,” but rarely do I hear someone use the word “joy.”

We reside in a world where media lures us into believing that happiness is readily attainable. With the click of a button, or a tap of a finger to our phone, we can buy something, view something or even connect with someone—all things that society tells us should make us feel happy. However, if this principle of happiness were true, depression would not run rampant the way it continues to do so.

Here is my philosophy on happiness and joy. Happiness rises and falls on things, events, people and circumstances. Joy does not. Joy is a choice. Let me elaborate. I feel happy when I have something fun planned for the weekend. I feel happy when all of my family and friends are getting along at an event. I feel happy when I generally have a good day. But my happiness easily rises and falls.

Joy is different. Joy is a choice, a mindset, a grit that endures as things, people and circumstances change. It might be akin to contentment or peace. Joy is NOT a Pollyanna view of the world where everything is sunshine and rainbows, but a decision to filter life through a lens that focuses on finding good even when it seems elusive.

There is a way to tap into joy and choose it daily so that it can become a beautiful backdrop to life. I will speak more to this in the personal blog on this piece. However, for now, ask yourself if your mood rises and falls on what is happening around you. Do you feel like a boat on an ocean sometimes being driven by changing tides and weather outside of your control? If so, there is a way to find joy. A joy that stabilizes you, transcends circumstances and fosters gratitude.

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Yolanda Brailey