Laughter Is the Best Medicine—The Practical Side

It is impossible to feel upset when you are laughing. There is freedom, release and healing in moments of laughter. I have had seasons in my life where I purposefully watched funny movies or shows because I knew I needed to laugh.

I cynically joke that here in America it seems we have a holiday for everything. In fact, just a few days ago I discovered that January 24th is National Belly Laugh Day! While I am unsure if we need an actual holiday for this, I love that it reminds us of the importance of laughter.

What we laugh at and how often we laugh says much about our personality. And, it is telling when we are able to laugh at ourselves. What are your thoughts on laughter? Can you remember the last time you laughed really hard and how good that felt? Do you consider yourself someone that finds healing in humor?

I do not believe that every person has to view themselves as funny or try to be what we used to call “the class clown.” However, I do know from personal experience and working in such a serious field that laughter is invaluable. I have seen anger disintegrate in teens and sadness diffuse in hospital rooms when people are able to joke and laugh. I have attended funerals where afterwards loved ones sat around telling funny memories of the lost and a palpable feeling of joy entered the room, even if briefly.

If you are able to laugh you are able to self-reflect, to hope and to heal. As the new year is here it is a great time to self-reflect. Are you able to laugh at your mistakes, to not take yourself too seriously and to have hope for the future? Are you able, when the moment arises, to belly laugh…maybe even until your eyes water?

If you are struggling to find joy or need extra support, we can help. Our trained Winter Garden mental health therapists can provide the support and knowledge you need to embrace all this new year has to offer.  Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced psychotherapists. 


Yolanda Brailey