Lifeline—The Personal Side

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Honestly, I am a combination of the two, but if I had to pick just one I am more of an introvert than an extrovert. This means I recharge better alone. And it also means that I tend to inwardly process my thoughts, feelings and ideas before sharing with them others. Extroverts, on the other hand, feel energized after spending time with others and are more likely to verbalize their thoughts, feelings and ideas with a friend or small group of people before they have “sat with” these ideas alone.

While I am certainly no expert on all of the differences between introverts and extroverts and I have no hard data to show which group is more likely to keep their problems and struggles to themselves, I can speak for myself.

I know for me personally, I am initially more likely to keep my problems to myself and try to manage my feelings on my own before sharing my problems with others. When a problem first arises, it is my tendency to shy away from communicating my difficult feelings to others. Sharing my difficult feelings with others is challenging for me and this prospect becomes even more difficult for me when my complicated feelings are about those closest to me—those I really need to share with be it to clear the air, exercise assertiveness or simply be heard.

Thankfully, after some initial inward processing I am usually able to rather quickly share my hard feelings with others and gain the support I need. I have lived long enough to learn that doing so quickens my healing, engenders feelings of peace and instills hope in me for the future that things will get better.

How about you? What is your tendency when times get tough? Do you readily communicate difficult feelings to those you love and/or a trusted therapist? Are you holding onto something right now that is causing you daily stress? Feeling “low,” “anxious” or hopeless? If so, it is so important that you share your feelings of stress with someone who can support you. There is help if you are feeling hopeless or helpless. Reaching out can save your life (literally) and begin your path to healing and wholeness.

A seasoned therapist can provide the support you need so that you can process what is going on in your life in a safe, therapeutic and healing environment. A trained psychotherapist can walk you through your seasons of stress and help you learn how to not only cope, but thrive when times get tough. Over time and with her support you will become better at managing stress, communicating your feelings and graciously “taking the ebb and flow of life” as it comes to all of us. Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with a seasoned and trained mental health counselor.

**If you are having thoughts of death or are suicidal, please call 911 immediately.


Yolanda Brailey