Time, Money and Talent—The Personal Side

“I just don’t have enough time.” Have you ever said these words? I have! And, there have been times in my life (especially during graduate school and when my children were very small) when I really did not have much extra time. And, yet, the flip side is that “we all get the same 24 hours each day.” I have a friend who often says this. When I have asked her about it, she shared to her this means we should seize each day and be intentional about how we spend each hour…because we don’t get many. I agree!

The idea of being intentional with my hours and days is appealing to me. Thinking about time as a scarce and valuable commodity (like diamonds or gold) encourages me to be thoughtful about what I say “yes” and “no” to each day. I want to look back not only at the end of each month or year, but also at the end of my life and feel as pleased as possible about how I spent my time.

There will always be busier and harder seasons in our lives—seasons where we feel like we truly do not have enough time—and that is okay. If you are in the midst of moving, have just had a baby, are starting a new business or even caring for someone who is sick or dying—time will feel skewed to you. Some seasons feel slow and some feel fast. However, no matter what type of season you are in, being mindful about your hours and days will help you focus on what is important to you and help you take the best care of yourself and your loved ones.

Whatever difficult season you may find yourself in, we can help. Our therapists will provide the support and empathy you need to explore what life changes you want to make and how to begin making said changes. We can help you examine your priorities and work to make sure your schedule honors these. Don’t wait! Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed mental health counselors.


Yolanda Brailey