The Truth About Trauma—The Personal Side

As a therapist certified in EMDR (eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, I have found this approach to be very effective in helping many clients for a variety of issues. The current treatment guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association designate EMDR therapy as an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress. EMDR therapy is also used to treat panic attacks, grief, disturbing memories, phobias, stress, addictions anxiety as well as other mental health disorders.

During EMDR therapy treatment sessions, the therapist helps the client access negative memories and emotions and work on successfully processing these experiences in order to reduce negative and overwhelming emotions. There are several phases of EMDR therapy treatment. Over time, the client is able to process memories and emotions with the support of a trained therapist until emotional distress is relieved and the traumatic memories do not cause such marked distress as to upset the client’s activities of daily living and life roles. 

EMDR therapy is a process and commitment, but it works. Dozens of studies have been conducted supporting its effectiveness. And as a therapist for many years, I have seen EMDR therapy bring healing, peace, restoration and hope that some trauma survivors never thought was possible.

If you have personally experienced trauma or witnessed it and have what we call “vicarious trauma,” EMDR therapy can help you. An experienced Orlando therapist certified in EMDR therapy can lead you along the path of healing to discover a life filled with peace and hope. Your painful memories do not have to be a force that overtakes you.  And your past is not your future. 

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Yolanda Brailey