Hear Ye, Hear Ye; It’s Family Meeting Time!

Parenting is, equally, one of the hardest and most gratifying jobs that exists.  It is full of curve balls, fast balls, foul balls, and strike outs that leave you feeling less than equipped, and far from celebratory.  Occasionally though, you find yourself cheering silently to yourself for accomplishing what feels like a parenting home run, […]


New Year-New You?

The New Year’s holiday seems to bring about a sense of hope for the upcoming year. We tend to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to what the new year will bring. Unfortunately, as with most things, our society likes to go overboard with this concept. We make big promises to ourselves […]


Sparks of Change—The Personal Side

If you read the practical piece on this blog topic you already know that I am starting to dream about the New Year. I am not making any resolutions, commitments or plans. I am just dreaming. In fact, I would not even call it dreaming yet. I am just beginning to thoughtfully consider the past […]


Sparks of Change—The Practical Side

As New Year’s approaches, I think about fireworks, parties and a brand new year. The New Year also sparks imagination in me.  I am not one to make “new year’s resolutions.” I tend to shy away from them because in general I have often found them to be quick fixes, short-sighted commitments or at the […]