Anger: How to Cope

We all get angry whether its road rage or when our sibling does something annoying. Anger is sometimes difficult to cope with and when our emotions get the best of us sometimes we might lash out and hurt those around us. Anger is not an emotion we should fault ourselves for having, we are allowed […]


Does Anxiety Hurt?

Physical pain is a major impact on our mental health. From chronic to acute, severe to minor, pain will have an impact on our mood that can be quite staggering. Luckily most of us learn to manage everyday aches and pains without it causing much of a mental health issue at all, but even the […]


Stressed to the Max—The Personal Side

I don’t know if the general public pictures therapists as practicing Yoga or Tai Chi, meditating, or just doing life in flowing clothes while emanating peace and kindness. If you are a therapist and this describes you…WONDERFUL! I have met such sweet souls and love being in their calming presence.  However, I am here to […]


Stressed to the Max–The Practical Side

“Stressed” is a word you may have used from time-to-time to describe your mental health. The urban dictionary on Google defines “stressed out” as when you feel like you cannot cope with life or are overwhelmed with responsibility.” With everything that is happening in the world many of us feel stressed. However, nuances exist in […]