What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionist thinking can be checking and rechecking apologizing too much for minor mistakes or spending too much time doing less important things like cleaning your house. Acknowledging your perfectionist thinking is the first step to be able to change it. Feeling pressure to be perfect is an unfair expectation to put on ourselves since perfectionism […]


Communication is Ongoing

A real positive change in the last 10 years is that people understand more than ever that poor communication is the root of a large amount of the conflicts in the world. I hear so many clients who come into counseling already well aware that improving their communication skills will be a major benefit for […]


Your Brain on Sleep—The Personal Side

If you were alive in 1987, you might remember the anti-drug campaign ad that talked about “your brain on drugs” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOnENVylxPI). The ad set out to compare our brains to an egg and how doing drugs was like breaking and frying the egg.


Your Brain on Sleep—The Practical Side

Prior to the 1950s, scientists believed that our brains went dormant when we slept (www.hopkinsmedicine.org). We now know this is absolutely not true. Your brain cycles through REM and non-REM throughout the night, sometimes up to 4 or 5 times. When you experience quality sleep, you are better able to both understand and remember information. […]