Bibliotherapy: The Happiness Hypothesis

The book The Happiness Hypothesis written by psychologist Johnathan Haidt draws on scientific research and philosophy to explore ideas surrounding mental wellness and coping skills. This book is a great read to challenge your current way of thinking, and gain insight about how to cope with the age old questions of “what is happiness…how do […]


Advocating for Oneself in Counseling

Most people come to counseling with an understanding that a counselor is not a guru or life coach. The job of a counselor is not to give a client some path to happiness, but instead to be a supporting character on a client’s own path that they dictate. Unlike going to a medical doctor, counseling […]


All is Calm, All is Bright—The Personal Side

Until my very own nervous system got kicked into overdrive, I did not personally know what it feels like to be in this space. I liken it to having to get on a “roller coaster” for whatever reason (a move, a new child, a death in the family) and then trying to get off and […]


All is Calm, All is Bright—The Practical Side

I smirk even as I type this, because the “calm” lyric from this Christmas song rarely plays out in my life during this busy season. Calm is, after all, something we must carve out time to experience. And yet, I often forget this concept and run myself ragged this time of year.