5 Signs You Might Be Depressed — The Personal Side

Several years ago I found myself in one of those life seasons where many hard things happened at once. I had multiple stressors in my life at that time and two MAJOR ones. So, just imagine your two biggest life stressors and then imagine them happening at once. That was my life.

I remember feeling stressed for sure. And I also remember doing things to try and bring some joy to my life. I remember going shopping and buying new clothes. I remember having coffee with friends. I remember trying to “have fun,” but not feeling much. There came a tipping point when I realized that I was much more stressed (perhaps mildly depressed?) than I thought.

My friend won tickets to Disney World and invited me to come. We decided to ride the race cars there–you know the ones that have been at Disney forever and reek of gasoline. I was the passenger, my friend the driver. As we went around the track, my friend drove like a maniac. I burst out in laughter. She continued her crazy driving until the ride was over, and I literally laughed until I cried. Walking around the park the rest of the day, I tried to think back to the last time I had laughed that hard. It had been about 9 weeks. I was stunned. I left the park realizing that I was under greater stress than I thought and needed to spend more time focusing on my mental health.

Talking to my friend recently (the practical blog on this topic) reminded me of that season of my life that took place several years ago. I did not realize then how much stress I was under, nor how much I needed a healing change.

Please take a moment to think about your life and behaviors over the past several weeks. Are you struggling? Are you feeling down? Are you engaging in some not-so-helpful behaviors.  Whatever life stressor you are facing, a seasoned and trained mental health counselor can help you. Don’t wait to feel better and begin your path to a better life. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Orlando today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment.


Yolanda Brailey