Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes—The Practical Side

Are you in the middle of a life transition? Or are you facing one in the near future? Maybe you are about to get married or are pregnant with your first child. Maybe you will graduate high school this year and are preparing to go away to college. Maybe you have just received an incurable diagnosis or someone you love has passed away. Whatever transition you are facing I can almost bet you want me to tell you the hardest part will soon be over. You might even want me to tell you that you will never have to deal with another transition like this in the future. Because whether they are “good” or “bad”, all major transitions challenge us emotionally, mentally and even physically. 

We often simplify life transitions into categories of “good” or “bad.” “Good” transitions include things like graduation, finding a life partner, buying a home or starting a career. “Bad” transitions include things like coming to terms with a disorder or illness, loss of various kinds or death. Whether we label our transitions as good or bad, ALL life transitions produce stress in our lives—some more than others.  Think about something as dreamy as winning 100 million dollars in the lottery. Even this amazing gift will bring challenges like how to spend the money, who to share it with and who to say no to when they come asking for money.

Life ebbs and flows and thankfully we usually get breaks between most monumental transitions.  However, since we will be transitioning in one way or another from cradle to grave it is important for us to learn how to thrive in seasons of change.

Perhaps the first step is recognizing how you currently feel and act during times of transition. For example, when your stress level begins to rise do you push through it and keep going until you wear yourself out? Do you engage in behaviors that self-soothe temporarily, but do more to hurt you in the long run (things like over-eating or watching too much TV)? Or, when you see the waves rising do you make yourself the priority? Do you say no to inconsequential things in order to focus on caring for yourself in ways that nurture and sustain you? Do you have any positive coping skills you regularly use in times of transition?

I will speak more to the idea of handling transition well in the personal piece on this subject, but for now these are helpful questions to consider. How about you? Are you in a difficult life season? How are you coping? Could you use some support and expert guidance? A seasoned Orlando psychotherapist can provide the support, education and skills you need to help you learn how to thrive in every life season.  Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment.


Yolanda Brailey