Got Mental Fitness?

About 9 months ago my husband and I began the quest to get our family physically healthy. We became more active, started eating fresh vegetables and fruits with every meal, and cut out all processed foods. As a result we all became stronger, more physically fit, and were eating a rainbow of colors.

Physically it’s easier to be aware of our health because we can see it. But, what about when we are emotionally unhealthy? Although we don’t readily see what’s happening on the inside, emotional health is just as important. Our emotional health can affect every part of our daily lives from our relationships with family and friends, to work, to how we feel and think about ourselves.

When we get a cut on the arm, we see it and know that we need to get treatment. But what are the symptoms of an ‘emotional cut’? Many times, people appear to be put together on the outside, but on the inside they’re screaming; their emotional health is compromised.

Here are some warning signs that may mean you have become Emotionally Unhealthy:

Mood swings
• Irritability
• Isolation
Self- doubt
• Difficulty with being alone
• Inability to express wants and needs
• Extreme jealousy or indifference in relationships
• Numbness
• Self-sabotage
• Loss of control after a life event or failure

Your emotional health can also affect your physical health. Prolonged stressors develop into distress, which can cause headaches, stomach pains, elevated blood pressure, disrupted sleep patterns and possible chest pain. If you feel your emotional health is ready for a workout and you need direction to kick start positive change, talking with a trained counselor will help. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Orlando today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment.


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