Count to Ten – The Practical Side

Whether from real life or Hollywood movies, you have probably heard of counting to ten, walking away or taking deep breaths to help manage anger. There are many ways to deal with anger, both positive and negative. However, until what is hiding behind the anger can be uncovered and dealt with, utilizing coping skills like the ones just listed is akin to putting a child size Bandaid on a wound that needs stitches.
Sometimes an individual has a genuine anger disorder like Intermittent Explosive Disorder. But oftentimes when someone appears angry, there is something else going on entirely. For example, people can appear agitated, angry and even explosive when they are depressed, stressed, physically fatigued or have another disorder like Bipolar Disorder or a substance abuse disorder. And, when people are grieving the death of a loved one it is completely normal for them to experience feelings of anger.
In my experience anger is a sign that a person is struggling and oftentimes not just with “controlling their temper,” but with something much deeper. Anger can make you feel depressed, isolated and out of control, not to mention it can get you into trouble. It is vital that individuals with anger issues learn coping skills to help manage their anger so that they can successfully perform the functions of all of their life roles. Moreover, for those experiencing anger it is vital that they discover and deal with the origin of their anger so that they may experience all the peace, joy and contentment life has to offer.
If your anger is keeping you from the personal or professional life you want, you should seek the services of a licensed mental health professional. A trained psychotherapist will assess you, support you, provide insight as to the root cause of your anger and help you implement positive coping skills to manage your emotions. Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862 to make an appointment.


Yolanda Brailey