Reliving Trauma: PTSD – The Personal Side

We therapists (or at least some in my circle) talk about how the “universe” sends you certain types of clients at certain times in your life. For whatever reason, over the years, the “universe” has sent me many, many people with PTSD. 

I have worked with Veterans, orphans, victims of domestic violence, survivors of sexual abuse and many other people with PTSD. When I first started counseling people with PTSD I was struck by how robbed they often were of their quality of life—specifically their emotional quality of life.

They were anxious, stressed, could not sleep, worried something bad would happen again and suffered from nightmares and flashbacks.  These good people, who had been exposed to some kind of tragedy were living more in the past (and in the future in some ways) than the present. The trauma was continuing to steal their peace, joy and purpose.

Just as I was somewhat stunned by the heaviness of PTSD, I was blown away when I began to see people heal from this disorder. In my early years as a therapist, I was privileged to witness the healing process in people who had experienced the unthinkable—horrible events for which people are incarcerated sometimes for life. What I discovered as I walked with clients on their healing journey and tried to help them is that the human spirit is more resilient than I ever could have imagined.

Over time, these people who had suffered the unimaginable realized they were not just victims, but survivors. They learned ways to cope with the past AND embrace the present and future.  They found in themselves strength they never knew was there.

If you have PTSD, I want you to know that there is a way out of your present condition. The healing process requires time, effort and a trained and compassionate therapist, but there is hope. You can move past PTSD and find new peace and purpose in life. The first step is making an appointment. Please call Life Enhancement Counseling Services today at 407-443-8862.


Yolanda Brailey