Peer Lead Support in the Community

Counseling is a great resource for navigating life challenges, healing from past wounds, and maintaining mentally well practices; however, counseling is not always an accessible tool. Sometimes finances, access, or therapist compatibility can be a barrier to receiving the care one needs. There is no replacement for therapy but engaging with others in your community […]


You Need Help: You Fat-Shamed Your Beautiful Girlfriend

This viral article was written by Heather Hogan for Autostraddle.com. The discourse about how fatphobia and body shaming impact us in our most intimate and important relationships at times is something that is often difficult to address and put into words. Heather does so with tact and insight that’s helpful for anyone working through body […]


Self-Regulation for Kids

Self-regulation is defined as control of oneself by oneself. Andrea Bell from Good Therapy defines good emotional self-regulation, as someone who “has the ability to keep their emotions in check. They can resist impulsive behaviors that might worsen their situation, and they can cheer themselves up when they’re feeling down. They have a flexible range […]


Bibliotherapy: The Happiness Hypothesis

The book The Happiness Hypothesis written by psychologist Johnathan Haidt draws on scientific research and philosophy to explore ideas surrounding mental wellness and coping skills. This book is a great read to challenge your current way of thinking, and gain insight about how to cope with the age old questions of “what is happiness…how do […]


What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionist thinking can be checking and rechecking apologizing too much for minor mistakes or spending too much time doing less important things like cleaning your house. Acknowledging your perfectionist thinking is the first step to be able to change it. Feeling pressure to be perfect is an unfair expectation to put on ourselves since perfectionism […]


Anger: How to Cope

We all get angry whether its road rage or when our sibling does something annoying. Anger is sometimes difficult to cope with and when our emotions get the best of us sometimes we might lash out and hurt those around us. Anger is not an emotion we should fault ourselves for having, we are allowed […]


Cognitive Distortions: Why you can’t believe everything you think

What are Cognitive Distortions? The thoughts that pop into our brain are not always reliable.  Our brain can be biased in ways that are unhelpful and cloud our judgment and logical thinking. Ways our brain can be unreliable is referred to as Cognitive Distortions or Mind Traps. Cognitive Distortions are defined as: faulty or inaccurate […]


Why Should I do Self-affirmations?

You have probably seen an infographic on Instagram with some positive self-affirmations. You may think they are cheesy or baseless or maybe they seem awkward or uncomfortable to do, maybe it’s hard to think about positive things for yourself, but there is power in self-affirmations. “Self-affirmation theory” states that people can cope with threats to […]


I don’t like “Lazy”

I don’t like lazy. Lazy is a lazy word. It encompasses too much on it’s own. It’s too broad of a word, too much of a blanket term. Lazy implies righteousness in productivity. It implies one is less than for doing less and more than for doing more. It implies worthiness is tied to our […]


LGBTQ+ Vocabulary to learn in honor of Pride Month

Within the LGBTQ+ community there is a lot of words unique to the community used to describe someone’s experience of attraction, gender, presentation, or a variety of other things. You may feel awkward about speaking about LGBTQ+ issues or even talking to people in your life that are in the community because you don’t know […]