Married to Your Counselor? –The Practical Side

Life is full of changes. This week I learned that a friend of mine has been promoted and will move across the country soon. A few days after that, my phone rang and I was told a family member’s cancer has returned. And just this morning a friend of mine’s infant daughter was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.

I am always amazed at how one quick phone call can change the course of a day, season or even lifetime—for better or for worse. I know that “the only constant is change,” but in moments like these the reality of that cliché statement hits me full force.

Life is full of both positive and difficult stressors from birth until we breathe our last. During our most stressful life events and seasons, we are more likely to reach out for help. We pour out our hearts to loved ones—friends and family members. And, sometimes we seek the expertise of a counselor trained in the art of helping us to heal our emotions and to learn how to manage and protect them in the future.

Some people attend counseling for just one season of their lives. They try to navigate the rest of life without ever going again. However, the reality is, the majority of us (me included) need specialized mental health support more often to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy manner so that we may grow and ultimately thrive.  Life is hard and filled with hurdles. These challenges hold the delicate potential to grow our character and make us stronger and wiser. We can do this when we walk through them with the right mindsets, support and coping skills that mental health counseling has to offer. 

I know it is a stretch, but just for a minute think of a counselor in relation to a lawyer. Many people keep lawyers on retainer indefinitely. They have a lawyer ready to use whenever needed throughout their lives. Why don’t more of us do this with counselors?

Every person benefits from finding a licensed and seasoned mental health counselor s/he can “be married to for life”…a professional who provides support and wisdom for all of life’s seasons. As an example, think of a female in her 20s. She may utilize counseling services in her 20s and 30s to learn relationship and communication skills. She may go on to receive premarital counseling before her wedding. Later, she may need marriage counseling and/or a child therapist (should she have kids). Furthermore, she may  need a life/career coach at some point and maybe even bereavement counseling later in life. Life Enhancement Counseling provides all of these services, by the way. The point is, there are MANY reasons to need a counselor during the course of a lifetime.

No matter what stage of life you are currently in, an Orlando therapist at Life Enhancement Counseling Services can provide the support and skills you need to live a meaningful, peaceful and successful life. Meet with one of our licensed mental health professionals to discover how you can live your best life now, no matter what challenges or opportunities you are facing. To make an appointment, please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services at 407-443-8862.


Yolanda Brailey