Take the Risk – Be Intentional in Your Relationships

We are meant for connection that is intimate, where we can be truly known by another. When someone knows only where we work, how many kids we have, our relationship status or other very practical things about our lives; they only know what is on the surface. Intimate connection involves peeling back the layers of our lives and freely sharing our opinions, hurts, fears, hopes and dreams. Intimate connection involves taking risks, being vulnerable and being intentional in our relationships.

To create intimacy we must first seek out another. We won’t create relationships by sitting in front of the TV or browsing Facebook. In building new relationships or attending to the ones that already exist, we must be intentional. How? Invite a friend or coworker for dinner, or plan a date with your spouse. Follow through. Purposefully choose to create and do things that foster space and time for connection.

In order to take the risk to connect, we must be vulnerable. Accepting that not everyone will connect with us is a difficult but necessary part of this process. Reaching out by setting aside our fears, stepping into the unknown, and  offering who we are to another can be quite risky. We may not always connect. However, when we do find a person to connect with on a more intimate level, the opportunity to build a relationship becomes possible.

There are many reasons we can be hesitant to form new relationships or tend to the ones we have. Fear of rejection, past hurts, being uncomfortable in new social situations are just a few. If you desire to be known on a more intimate level, but are having difficulty with being intentional and vulnerable; consider seeking the help of a professional counselor. She is there to guide you and encourage you to discover what is hindering you from reaching out to others. Please contact Life Enhancement Counseling Services in Orlando today at 407-443-8862 to schedule an appointment.


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