Yes and No

Yes and No are such small words in comparison to the many other amazing words in our language; however, these little words can be very powerful. Oftentimes we are afraid to say “YES” and experience something new (that might be initially uncomfortable)…and “NO” when we need to stop putting others before ourselves.  Here are some of […]


Rescue Me

Were you the kid who knew just what to say or do to help mommie to stop crying when the car broke down, to not become enraged when it rained on the 4th of July picnic, or to not melt down when she misplaced her keys and was going to be late for work? Could you prevent your alcoholic […]


Domestic Violence (DV) — The Practical Side

Whether you watch football or just follow the news, you may by now have heard that the NFL has put new policy in place to crack down on players who commit acts of domestic violence. This policy comes on the heels of a domestic violence case involving Ravens running back Ray Rice. Rice has been […]